Friday, February 27, 2009

RE: the weather.



  1. Lately I've been entertaining fantasies of moving to San Francisco. Maybe it's because I have been listening to the Beach Boys a lot. Anyway, it's not disgustingly warm all the time like it is in other parts of California but it's beautiful and somehow not as harsh as New England. I think this is the first winter that the brutality of the winter weather has really infected my psyche and I don't even live in Vermont.

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  3. For me it's the Carolinas. I just picture sitting on a porch fanning myself with a newspaper and drinking endless glasses of lemonade out of a jar. Andrew and I play a sort of game a lot called "Tell me about the summer," which is not much of a game and which is exactly what it sounds like. One of us will say "Tell me about the summer," and then the other one will have to come up with a story about how the summer is going to be-- i.e. we'll go for a drive with all the windows open and then swim in a lake and then lie in the sun and eat fresh tomatos, etc. It's seriously pathetic how much we play this "game" without even meaning to. It's so miserable here. But March has arrived, so maybe they're's hope!!