Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Cephalic Visions

I can’t believe it’s been a month since I’ve even checked this, but that corresponds to when things have gotten busy. I was just inspired to write something finally and saw these photos and posts, so first:

1. I like these photos a lot as well. We’re sleeping (somewhat evil) twins! I should bring my camera out more.

2. And I was just thinking of our photography door antics last week! Another student and I were using the darkroom in the biology department at Hunter. Smelling that combination of chemicals, similar to that middle school note I bet, seemed to provide a portal to that time— an overwhelming reincarnation of the past. I’m planning on finding an excuse to do that experiment again just because you get to use the darkroom.

3. I quit working for the Queen Sofia Spanish Institute almost a month ago, because I’m getting paid to do research at Hunter for the summer! I’ve been doing all sorts of shit with RNA, including isolating it from the central nervous system of mice. Which leads me to what originally inspired me to write (that ol’ lifeballian urge):

4. I can’t stop thinking about this brain I saw last night. I’ve seen brains some in my life, but only from TV and dissections on invertebrates that have been soaking formaldehyde for months. This one was from a mouse who had just starred me in the eyes 5 minutes prior. Though it felt mostly somber, I was also in such awe of his brain. It was so damn beautiful and clean. And later, walking down 68th Street, I felt like I knew a secret about all the passersby: that I saw the cause of all of this madness, and it’s just a pink, gleaming hunk of flesh! For some reason this image has comforted me, and I hope it might have the same effect for your brains.