Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hello to you, Susans!!

Dear Susans,

I hope that this post finds both of you well and happy. I am sorry that we have all been failing to write here lately, and am also sorry that we have been more generally out of touch. I think about both of you all the time and I wonder how your new adventures are going. So-- how are they going? I have not had many new adventures lately. Still working at the same bakery, still living here in Vermont. Not much to report: lots of hiking, trying to get ready for the inevitably brutal winter. I actually have the swine flu right now which has not been any fun at all, but I think I'm feeling better today. Gab-- how's Columbia? Are you living with Sam/how is that going? I keep hearing Ross Douthat on the radio!! Imagine that! Meryl-- what are you up to? Taking classes at Hunter or what? I miss both of you very much and I'm hoping to see you Susans at Christmas!

Love to you both. Lots of it.