Monday, February 9, 2009

Egg In A Hole

This is my new favorite breakfast item.

This week at work I have been subjected to a lot of food-related snobbery. I work for people who only describe foods they like as "nice." This drives me crazy! I want people to just experience food, and react to it in an excited, sense-based way, not a thought-based totally snobbish "This scone is nice" sort of way. Also, I am getting a lot of crap from my boss for eating hostess powdered donuts. I mean, what the fuck? Yes, the five dollar donuts we make at the shop are good (and absurdly overpriced: this is not a big donut) but so are hostess powdered donuts, and it's not like they're all I eat.

I miss you Susans.



  1. This looks heavenly. Is it egg and bread or just egg? I am going to ask you this on the phone later. Coincidentally, I read this post just as I was about to get up to make myself two eggs (sunnyside up) on toast.

    As a foodie, how do you feel about brunch? I just can't stop eating Huevos Rancheros every time I'm in Brooklyn.

  2. That does look heavenly. I, too, went through an egg in a hole phase. And recently, I made TWO eggs (in two holes) in one piece of toast! Another variation I enjoy is grating a little cheddar cheese on top (cheddar shout out #2).

    In other news, you other Susan will be pleased to know I have been drinking orange juice every morning. I've hated it my whole life, but the hot dog guy on the corner gives me free stuff (in exchange for bathroom use) and orange juice is the only healthy thing he has. It makes me feel so awake, and now I've actually started enjoy the taste, too. It's more complex and creamy than I thought it was. Well we clearly need to eat breakfast food next time we're all together.

  3. I made my first attempt at doing an egg in the hole this morning. I would say I was moderately successful, but I think that is only because it is pretty hard to completely bungle something that has egg and bread as its main ingredients. I did the whole in the toast and the cracking the egg into it and everything but should I be flipping this over at some point? I suppose I would have to for the egg to cook both ways. In any case, whatever I made tasted very good but it didn't look as pretty as the above photo.