Saturday, February 27, 2010

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hello to you, Susans!!

Dear Susans,

I hope that this post finds both of you well and happy. I am sorry that we have all been failing to write here lately, and am also sorry that we have been more generally out of touch. I think about both of you all the time and I wonder how your new adventures are going. So-- how are they going? I have not had many new adventures lately. Still working at the same bakery, still living here in Vermont. Not much to report: lots of hiking, trying to get ready for the inevitably brutal winter. I actually have the swine flu right now which has not been any fun at all, but I think I'm feeling better today. Gab-- how's Columbia? Are you living with Sam/how is that going? I keep hearing Ross Douthat on the radio!! Imagine that! Meryl-- what are you up to? Taking classes at Hunter or what? I miss both of you very much and I'm hoping to see you Susans at Christmas!

Love to you both. Lots of it.


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Cephalic Visions

I can’t believe it’s been a month since I’ve even checked this, but that corresponds to when things have gotten busy. I was just inspired to write something finally and saw these photos and posts, so first:

1. I like these photos a lot as well. We’re sleeping (somewhat evil) twins! I should bring my camera out more.

2. And I was just thinking of our photography door antics last week! Another student and I were using the darkroom in the biology department at Hunter. Smelling that combination of chemicals, similar to that middle school note I bet, seemed to provide a portal to that time— an overwhelming reincarnation of the past. I’m planning on finding an excuse to do that experiment again just because you get to use the darkroom.

3. I quit working for the Queen Sofia Spanish Institute almost a month ago, because I’m getting paid to do research at Hunter for the summer! I’ve been doing all sorts of shit with RNA, including isolating it from the central nervous system of mice. Which leads me to what originally inspired me to write (that ol’ lifeballian urge):

4. I can’t stop thinking about this brain I saw last night. I’ve seen brains some in my life, but only from TV and dissections on invertebrates that have been soaking formaldehyde for months. This one was from a mouse who had just starred me in the eyes 5 minutes prior. Though it felt mostly somber, I was also in such awe of his brain. It was so damn beautiful and clean. And later, walking down 68th Street, I felt like I knew a secret about all the passersby: that I saw the cause of all of this madness, and it’s just a pink, gleaming hunk of flesh! For some reason this image has comforted me, and I hope it might have the same effect for your brains.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

From bygone days

Dear Susans,

In spite of appearances, I actually did attempt to post the pictures from our Vermont excursion on the blog but as it turns out I idiotically shot the pictures in camera RAW which as you probably know means they are huge, unwieldy files that can't be emailed easily or anything like that . I don't yet understand enough about my digital camera to know if anything can be done about this -- do either of you know? Can they be turned into JPEGs? I'd be happy to do that, and to post them on a Snapfish album. There are some good ones I'd like both of you to have. Worse comes to worse, I guess I can make a disk of them and send them or even just print them.

On another note (literally), I was having a nostalgia moment and poring through my old papers trying to decide what to leave and what to take when I move to New York this August. And for some reason in one of my old notebooks I found this note from Liza to me from middle school. I don't know why I'd chosen to put it in my little book since I'm sure there were many, many of its kind, but reading it gave me this overwhelming sense of what middle school was like in all its particular details. Anyway, I'm going to reproduce it here in case it has the same effect for either of you:

Missive Passed in Passing:

This is really random but you know that guy who used to be a WWF wrestler and was recently elected senator of Minnesota? Well, he talks just like Nile. Yesterday after school I stayed in the Lower School Library with Taylor. She was writing in their special little notebook and I was reading over her shoulder. It's mostly "wedding announcements" in there. In one of the notes I read, Robyn wrote to M & T (Michele and Taylor) "Jared, Sandy, and I have on similar pants today." So, the secrets of the little green notebook divulged. There really is no secret, it's just pointless babble! Did you notice that Mr. Bill laughs a lot at his own "jokes"? Next week I'm going to leave a really random object in the spinny door!


P.S. Don't forget the Desk today!

Factoring sucks!

P.P.S. Yesterday in history class the potato famine came up!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

also this

it's andrew eating an orange. taking this picture feels like the most worthwhile thing i've done in awhile. i don't know why, it just pleases me.

come save me from Vermont.

I am in a rut. This rut involves making terrible nutritional decisions (too many sticky buns) and never going running and never cleaning my house. It also involves having given up trying to meet new people and instead spending all of my free time eating lychee gummy candy and watching TV on the internet even though I've decided that lychee flavored things taste like cleaning products and TV on the internet is boring. And I keep meaning to post actual thoughts here, but I've ceased to have actual thoughts because my brain has been taken over by thoughts about the people on Grey's Anatomy, which is such an embarrassing thing to admit to, but there it is.

For awhile now, my job has been making me crazy. I think this funk, this sortof shutdown, is a means of dealing with this. I like the actual work I'm doing, but I don't like the work environment. I only work with two people, and they're married to each other, and they shouldn't be. They're totally mismatched. They met a few years ago on the internet and only spent two weeks actually physically in each other's presence before getting engaged. Laura is always saying things about Ben like "He said he was all about fun, but he's not all about fun. I was misled!" They complain about each other all the time. The only time they get along is when they're ganging up on me, which feels often. Arg! Now I'm getting frustrated just writing this.

I want out of Vermont. It's cold here, and I'm the type of person who is always cold even if it is actually warm out and I miss you guys and my parents and civilization... I'm so lonely here! I can't seem to make friends. But Andrew likes his job and wants to stay here for another year. I love Andrew and don't think I could be happy leaving him and I want to be able to do this for him, to stay put and be patient. He seems very happy here, and he's making lots of friends through work. I don't know what to do and I know that this whole post has the feel of a crazy rant so I'm just going to end it.

I'm so so happy I'm going to be seeing both of you soon.

Love and see you on Saturday,