Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I'm leaving on a jet plane...

Well not yet. But I did get my ticket today- only $36 from Burlington to NY! ($50 with fees). Here are the deets:

Date Depart Arrive

28 Apr Burlington, VT 11:30am New York, JFK 12:44pm

So I was going to e-mail this news to you Susans, but I thought writing even a feeble post would break the ice. It felt like the longer I waited the less likely it would be that I would actually write, because every time I tell myself I will write, and then don't, it proves to myself that I will never actually write.

Like always and everybody "I've been busy"- mostly with my class, but moreso just in my mind, as it's really more of a guilt that's constantly hanging over my head, nagging me to study, than an actual surplus of activities that I have to do. Sometimes I do study, and sometimes it just stays hanging while I procrastinate, so that I can't fully relax in whatever I'm doing anyway.

I think the solution is to trick myself into forgetting that studying is hard. But easier said than done. And my job seems to get in the way so often, sucking my energy into this black Spanish Institute hole. I can have my books open all day, but barely get anything done with all the little meaningless distractions (exogenous and endogenous). It felt particularly Kafka-esk today as I took a message for someone who said her name was Mrs. Faulks, who turned out to be married to Mr. Fox, who was inviting our president to dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Fowlks. All the foxes got mixed up and I ended up having to call Mrs. Faulks back with a disguised voice, apologizing for the "temporary receptionist" that picked up the phone earlier.

Well now I'm a little tired and should stop editing this and go to sleep. I do want to say that despite the way this post has belched out of me, I am in general happy. I bought a dumbbell today, and had lifeball on and off during my whole class tonight. Also, I'm reading a book, A Journey Round My Skull, by Frigyes Karinthy, that reminds me what the purpose of writing at all is (even if I can only brush that purpose). I hope you Susans are both well and can't wait to see you.


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