Tuesday, June 9, 2009

From bygone days

Dear Susans,

In spite of appearances, I actually did attempt to post the pictures from our Vermont excursion on the blog but as it turns out I idiotically shot the pictures in camera RAW which as you probably know means they are huge, unwieldy files that can't be emailed easily or anything like that . I don't yet understand enough about my digital camera to know if anything can be done about this -- do either of you know? Can they be turned into JPEGs? I'd be happy to do that, and to post them on a Snapfish album. There are some good ones I'd like both of you to have. Worse comes to worse, I guess I can make a disk of them and send them or even just print them.

On another note (literally), I was having a nostalgia moment and poring through my old papers trying to decide what to leave and what to take when I move to New York this August. And for some reason in one of my old notebooks I found this note from Liza to me from middle school. I don't know why I'd chosen to put it in my little book since I'm sure there were many, many of its kind, but reading it gave me this overwhelming sense of what middle school was like in all its particular details. Anyway, I'm going to reproduce it here in case it has the same effect for either of you:

Missive Passed in Passing:

This is really random but you know that guy who used to be a WWF wrestler and was recently elected senator of Minnesota? Well, he talks just like Nile. Yesterday after school I stayed in the Lower School Library with Taylor. She was writing in their special little notebook and I was reading over her shoulder. It's mostly "wedding announcements" in there. In one of the notes I read, Robyn wrote to M & T (Michele and Taylor) "Jared, Sandy, and I have on similar pants today." So, the secrets of the little green notebook divulged. There really is no secret, it's just pointless babble! Did you notice that Mr. Bill laughs a lot at his own "jokes"? Next week I'm going to leave a really random object in the spinny door!


P.S. Don't forget the Desk today!

Factoring sucks!

P.P.S. Yesterday in history class the potato famine came up!

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  1. Susan, you are so right about that reminding me of exactly how middle school was!! My favorite is the part about the "similar pants"-- hilarious!

    I was just thinking of middle school today because I'm looking at an apartment on Loomis St. here and I was thinking of Loomis Chafee and the time that we tried to roll the water cooler down the hill there-- disastrously, of course. I remember that you also lost or forgot your mouthguard there and played an entire lacrosse game with your tongue in front of your top front teeth. Life was so great back then!

    There IS a way to convert NEFs to JPEGs and I think that it's on the Nikon website. I once shot a whole bunch of pictures of a cake I made in raw mode and it sucked because I needed the pictures for a school project. In any case, Andrew knows how to do this so I will find out exactly from him and then email you.

    Also on the topic of amusing notes: today my bosses threw a surprise party for me because I am graduating from NECI soon (and I was really surprised! I'm not sure I liked it that much!). They got me a card and had one of our customers sign it-- she's this AMAZING woman who talks SUPER LOUDLY and her hair is always a mess and she often wears leapord (sp?) print leggings and WOW, here is what she wrote:
    "Thanks for all your culinary expertise with providing my satiation for pastries of all kinds including your help with choices. Good Luck, Lark."

    I miss you Susans. I am going to post my pictures from your visit soon--- you've inspired me!