Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hello to you, Susans!!

Dear Susans,

I hope that this post finds both of you well and happy. I am sorry that we have all been failing to write here lately, and am also sorry that we have been more generally out of touch. I think about both of you all the time and I wonder how your new adventures are going. So-- how are they going? I have not had many new adventures lately. Still working at the same bakery, still living here in Vermont. Not much to report: lots of hiking, trying to get ready for the inevitably brutal winter. I actually have the swine flu right now which has not been any fun at all, but I think I'm feeling better today. Gab-- how's Columbia? Are you living with Sam/how is that going? I keep hearing Ross Douthat on the radio!! Imagine that! Meryl-- what are you up to? Taking classes at Hunter or what? I miss both of you very much and I'm hoping to see you Susans at Christmas!

Love to you both. Lots of it.


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  1. Liza my darling,

    You're the first person I know who has gotten the swine flu, so it feels like a real thing now instead of something newscasters made up. Well I hope you're feeling better now. Otherwise, you should eat some raw garlic and stand on your head.

    I have been doing pretty good down here. Still at the same lab, and taking a couple classes. Next semester I'll be taking about twice as many classes. We'll see if I can handle that!

    I've been feeling tired as of late. A lot of my days seem to be spent waiting around my lab for one of my experiments. I'm currently waiting an hour for some fluorescent marked proteins to adhere to my cells, so I can take pretty pictures with a fancy microscope. The whole thing takes about 5 hours, but only 5% of that is actually spent doing stuff, and it's dispersed throughout the 5 hours so I can never really get away. I wish I could go do yoga somwehere in the meantime. Maybe I'll get some hot fudge sunday poptarts from the vending machine instead...

    Anyway, I was going to see if you were going to be free to hang out the weekend after Thanksgiving. Though I just saw that you wrote about seeing us for Christmas, so I fear not. Well Christmas always comes quickly after Thanksgiving, so we three susans will meet again soon.